Beginner Bowling

Beginners are typically fine with using the balls bowling alleys provide. However, there are a number of reasons getting your own ball is ideal. Having your own ball is important if your desire is to significantly enhance your game. Beginner bowling ball reviews offer useful tips on how to choose the right ball. Some of these guidelines are highlighted below:


Advantages of Owning Your Bowling Ball:


One of the major advantages of having a customized bowling ball is that it will be drilled to perfectly fit your hand. With house balls, the finger holes are never the same as you go from ball to ball. As such, developing consistency in your stroke is more challenging.

It is highly likely the balls at the bowling alley will be a bit too tight or loose for your fingers. Additionally, they could be spaced too widely for the size of your hand. This will end up causing your fingers and thumb to release improperly and result in bad shots.

A customized bowling ball is radically different and once you initially experience it, you will feel a lot more relaxed with the swing and release. It is a lot easier for adjustments to be made when inconsistency is no longer an issue. With this level of comfort, you will never want to experience house balls again.

Key Characteristics to Note When Choosing a Bowling Ball


Balls at the bowling alley are made from plastic; this is the least expensive material used for bowling balls. Typically, this is appropriate for children and beginners, particularly individuals who are straight bowlers and do not bowl hooks. Other available bowling balls are made from other materials with significant advantages.

Reactive Resin Balls

These balls are a somewhat new innovation. They feature resin particles added to the coverstock (outer shell) of urethane balls. This boosts the friction produced and provides a greater possibility for hooking action. Typically, these balls are more versatile and have strong hooks on dry lanes. In addition, they can be utilized in oily conditions where the skid is amplified. This generates significant speed.

Urethane Balls

Urethane bowling balls have a softer outer shell and this creates additional friction on the lane. This makes the potential for hooking better. To hit strikes more consistently, a hook is important. In addition, urethane balls roll more evenly than other materials and at the point of impact, it will have greater pin carry. This means they will deflect less and knock down more pins.

The Ideal Weight

A crucial part of bowling is having the right ball weight. Generally speaking, an average mature male typically bowls with a ball between 15 and 16 pounds. An average female bowls with a ball between 10 and 12 pound. If you are larger and heavier, you should go up in weight. Those who are smaller in structure should go down in weight. Heavier balls will be packed with the power to knock the pins down. However, if the ball is too heavy it could negatively impact your stroke or cause injury because of the excessive weight. For children, a general rule of thumb is using one pound for every year of the child’s age. For example, a 10-pound ball is an ideal weight for a 10-year-old child.

The Best Choice for a First Bowling Ball

If you are ready to go about buying your very first bowling ball, starting off with a polyester (plastic) or urethane model would be the best choice. If you are on a tight budget and your only aspiration is to throw a straight ball, a very good choice would be the plastic/polyester one. However, if your dream is to improve your bowling game and consistently get higher scores, then a reactive resin or urethane ball is an ideal investment you can make.

Where to Buy?

There are a number of places where you can buy your bowling ball. The majority of department stores have a few balls; however, the quality of the balls is usually low. In addition, you can buy your ball at the pro shop at the local bowling alley; these balls are usually of higher quality. Overall, the best prices and the biggest selection you will find are online. Make sure you go for a trusted online retailer that has various retailers using their marketplace; this drives down the cost.

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